Eye Examinations

Our comprehensive eye examination goes well beyond routine. Using the latest in diagnostic equipment our Optometrists can help detect problems with your eyes and overall health such as diabetes.

It is recommended to adults to have regular exams every two years and children under 18 should be seen yearly.

Visit the Canadian Association of Optometrists to learn more about eye health and how it can affect you.

Frames and Lenses

We offer only the latest in both designer and 2-for-1 frames at competitive prices. When Dr. Boulay started Consumer Optical he wanted to offer the best service to his patients at the best value. By edging all of our lenses on site and leveraging our 40+ years of business we're able to keep costs down while maintaining control over the fabrication process.

Being independent means we're not limited to a single supplier. We use quality products from Nikon Lens Wear and Crizal Lenses among other value added suppliers.

All of our frames and lenses are warrantied for two years and guaranteed for satisfaction. If there are any issues, return to our office and we'll make it right

Medical Visits

Sometimes things happen. Optometrists are specifically trained to diagnose and treat issues with the eye and surrounding area. If you ever have an injury, infection, red eye, flashes and floaters or just need something looked at outside of your regular visit give us a call.

Emergency visits are always accommodated and we can usually have a treatment prescribed, foreign body removed or referral to a specialist done in much less time than a visit to your general practitioner or emergency room.

Children's Exams

Vision is much more than just 20/20. Children can have very different visual problems than adults that sometimes require special testing. Even when a child doesn’t complain of blurred vision there can be problems with focusing, tracking and reading which can cause problems at school.

Our eyes finish developing around the age of six years old. Catching things like amblyopia (lazy eye) early means it can usually be fixed with treatment. It is recommended that every child have a comprehensive eye exam at age three or sooner if there is a family history of vision problems.

Vision Therapy

The eyes need to work together. Sometimes is can be a problem for people and cause issues with reading, attention and hand-eye coordination all which can affect performance at school. When certain conditions are detected through our binocular assessments they can be usually be treated with vision therapy.

Our in office therapy uses exclusive technology. Typically sessions are done once a week for ten to fifteen weeks.

Learn more about vision and development by visiting the College of Optometrists in Vision and Development.

Contact Lens Fitting

We fit all kinds of contact lenses for all kinds of reasons. Our office also does specialty contact lenses fittings for rigid and scleral lenses typically used for high prescriptions, keratoconus or corneal transplants.

If something goes wrong we’re there to look after things. Infections and irritations can be treated in office and replacement lenses are always available if your lenses rip or gets lost.

Questions? Need more information? Our Office is open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. Give us a call.