About our office & our staff

Technology in Eye Care

Dr. Luc Boulay always believed in using the latest technology available to provide the best care for his patients. We've kept that tradition going by constantly keeping our equipment up to date, offering new technology to our patients.

Digital refractions and glasses fitting provide the most accurate results and guarantee better vision for our patients. Digital imaging, laser retinal scanning and ultrasound let us better track medical conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Best-in-class edging systems from Nidek give us the ability to cut, drill and polish lenses on site reducing wait times and improving vision though customizations.

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Our Team

Dr. Justin Boulay


Graduated from the University of London Ontario and Bradford school of Optometry and Vision Science. He returned home in 2010 to join the practice with his father Dr. Luc Boulay. Justin grew up in the office helping out in the lab and later working with patients. He learned a lot over the years, and continues to keep his father's legacy alive in running the practice how he would have wanted it.

Dr. Julie Hiscock


Graduating from Illinois College of Optometry in 2018 and joining the Boulay Optometry family shortly after. Julie brings a passion for eye care to the office and a wealth of knowledge picked up from practicing at hospitals in the United States. She is a valuable addition to the team and will continue to be in the future.

Our Staff

Kelly Piercey

Optician in Training

Phill Nguyen

Lab Technician, Frame Stylist

Jill Barter

Administrative Assistant

Nikki Parsons

Administrative Assistant

Josée Pack

Optometric Technician